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10-31-18 Female puma with kitten at Lions Gate- Hwy 17 Laurel Curve

Pathway runs under all 4 lanes to prevent roadkill at Laurel Curve.

Highway 17 map

Highway 17 Wildlife Crossing Project at Laurel Curve in Santa Cruz County, California.

Coyote using underpass

Our wildlife research is helping us better understand how wildlife move across the landscape. You'll be surprised at what we're finding under the highway.

Badger in California

Discover surprising wonders of California’s ancient wildlife heritage living near our biggest and most modern cities.  We’ll go in search of some of California’s rare and elusive native animals in the tops of our tallest trees and deep underground with dedicated people who are recording the animals’ behaviors  and seeking to make sure these treasures of our wild kingdom


SAN JOSE, Calif. – The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) and the Santa Clara Valley Habitat Agency, along with partners from Caltrans, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority…

Open Road Coyote Valley Segement

We’ll explore what some call the last chance valley just south of San Jose.

Coyote at Tulare Hill

Pathways for Wildlife is an organization that focuses on the identification of critical landscape linkages that wildlife use to cross Coyote Valley. They conducted a two-year study in Coyote Valley monitoring different species that use the valley floor to cross via Fisher Creek and Coyote Creek.


When we think about on-the-ground research rewilding California, we think of our trusted and talented partner: Pathways for Wildlife. Co-founders Tanya Diamond, a wildlife ecologist, and Ahíga Snyder, a wildlife researcher, have a knack for capturing wildlife movement on camera, including (some viral) footage of coyotes, badgers, mountain lions, bears, and much more. 

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